Bramcote Crematorium Children's Columbarium

Why have a Children’s Columbarium Memorial?

The Ellie Elephant Columbarium is made of granite and has secure vaults for small caskets of cremated remains or keepsakes, with space on the tablet for a bespoke design and inscription.

Each vault, with plaque, is specifically designed for infants and babies and can be dedicated for a period of 5, 10, 20 or 50 years after which they can be renewed for a further period.


  • The plaque can accommodate up to a maximum of 6 lines with up to 32 characters and/or spaces on each line.
  • The font size will be adjusted to the inscription required; the less text used the larger the font will appear.
  • The name uses a larger typeface than the remainder of the inscription therefore it may not exceed more than 20 characters and/or spaces per line and this is indicated by the dotted line on the application form. Where possible please use the first two lines for names.
  • If you require an inscription only, this will be centred on the plaque.
  • Before the plaque is made a proof will be produced for you to approve.
Close up image of the Memorial Bench Plaque


The Children’s Columbarium Memorial is Located within our Children’s Memorial Garden at Bramcote Crematorium.

Order process

If you are interested in leasing a vault we ask that you initially make an appointment with us to discuss the options of a Children’s Columbarium Memorial.

We would ask that you give some thought about wording, designs or other requirements and have a draft idea of what your requirements are. We will then discuss these and explain the options for urns and caskets. All costs and charges will be explained to you at the initial appointment and in our initial estimate to you.

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From 1st April 2018 to 31st March 2019

Children’s Columbarium Memorial

Children’s Columbarium – 5 year lease£250
Children’s Columbarium – 10 year lease£500
Children’s Columbarium – 25 year lease£750
Children’s Columbarium – 50 year lease£1,300
Children’s Columbarium – 5 year renewal lease£115
Children’s Columbarium – 10 year renewal lease£230
Children’s Columbarium – 25 year renewal lease£380
Children’s Columbarium – 50 year renewal lease£480

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