Bramcote Crematorium Memorial Bench Plaques

Why have a Memorial Bench Plaque?

These plaques are designed to be attached to the backrest of benches found in many locations within the grounds of Bramcote Crematorium.

They provide a touching memorial and somewhere you can sit and remember your loved one.


  • Each plaque measures
  • Cast from accredited bronze by highly skilled craftsmen with over 100 years experience
  • Can accommodate a maximum of 127 characters with 5 lines of text
  • All text is Times New Roman font
  • Memorial Bench Plaques can be dedicated for 10 years and can be renewed after this period
  • Please note: Flowers and other personal items cannot be fixed to the plaque or bench
Close up image of the Memorial Bench Plaque


Memorial Bench Plaques can be located on many of the benches found throughout the grounds of Bramcote Crematorium. As the benches remain the property of Bramcote Crematorium there may be several unrelated plaques attached to any one bench.

Benches available for dedication are marked with a numbered plaque which can be found on the front of the bench. Please visit Bramcote Crematorium to obtain the bench number in the area you require your Memorial Bench Plaque.

Order process

The Online Order Form provides a simple way for you to order your Memorial Bench Plaques.

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From 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020

Memorial Bench Plaques

Bench Plaque – 10 year lease£517
Bench Plaque – renewal£311
Bench Plaque – recasting£120

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